The "rare" US Park Police P7M8

Apparently a unique P7M8 ordered for the US Park Police, this P7M8 model has a "phosphate" finish,
and reportedly only 3 are in "civilian" hands.  Here are some pictures.

Warning:  Large Pics, not dial-up friendly.

Some history from "G3Kurz" on HKPRO:

"For 7-10 years the US Park Police purchased P7M8's and P7M13's from HK Inc. for new officer classes at FLETC in addition to the initial larger order of 600 for the force when they transitioned to the P7. The USPP pistols were phosphated, some at the factory in Germany (when we had time) but mostly in the US by a subcontractor in Virginia. They also have the USPP "Property Number" engraved on the frame and slide. In the 1990's the Park Police asked HK Inc. to run and "Individual Officer Purchase Program" for Park Police officers and we offered pistols without the property markings to those who wanted them. Most as I recall had the standard factory finish. Many were resold quickly based on the low special purchase price. Some officers were offered their P7's when they retired which is why we see a few on the market with the Property Markings and unique phosphated finish. This was an interesting time in the history of the P7 in the US. The Park Police loved the P7 and carried it proudly for many years until they simply became too costly to procure."

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p7m8phosphate6.jpg (325117 bytes) p7m8phosphate7.jpg (316150 bytes) Pictures courtesy of DavidS
on Park Cities Tactical