Q:  What does "refurbished" mean and are these real P7s?

A:  Yes, a "refurbished" P7 is still a P7, they usually Police or Military trade-in pistols that either HK or some other armorer has recertified/cleaned and put on the market for sale.

Refurbished P7s on the market

There has been a recent flood of P7 PSP (Flush Magazine Release) pistols to hit the US market, imported by PW Arms of Redmond, WA.  These P7s were formerly in use by the German BMI Police agency and have been retired.  They vary in quality from moderate holster wear to like new.  Click on the pictures below to see what the markings look like.  These pistols range in price from $650 - $850.  The consensus is to buy cheap, and then hard chrome them.

P7BMI_1.jpg (117636 bytes) P7BMI_2.jpg (127788 bytes) P7BMI_3.jpg (131238 bytes)P7_BMIRefur.jpg (242802 bytes)  

There have also been some P7M8s on the market that have been refurbished.  These are usually readily identified by their trademark "purplish" slide and the infamous "grind" mark removing the German police agencies logo.  Here are some pictures to help identify these.  These pistols range in price from $700-$900.

P7M8_MillMark.jpg (35677 bytes) P7M8_MillMark3.jpg (63337 bytes) P7M8_MillMark4.jpg (57092 bytes)

The only other refurbished P7s that I'm aware of (not police trade-in from US agencies, which generally are not remarked or mutilated in any way) are some C.I.A. marked (No, not the Central Intelligence Agency, but rather Century International Arms) and some pop up for sale now and then.

P7M8-CIA_Marked.jpg (219861 bytes)

Heckler & Koch has also imported and sold some P7 BYP Refurbs.  Here is a picture of one:

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P7PSP_BYPRefurb-4.JPG (69583 bytes) P7PSP_BYPRefurb-5.JPG (68811 bytes) P7PSP_BYPRefurb-6.JPG (47155 bytes)

Within the last 3 years, HKI - HK USA Columbus GA (and previously Trussville, AL) have imported A LOT of P7s that were German Lower Saxony issued pistols (and others) and "flooded" the market with Grade A, B and C P7s.  They came in either original cardboard boxes or the newer Plastic boxes.  HK even reprinted and updated the HK P7 manuals to include with the guns.  What's really nice is they are no longer grinding off the agency logos and markings.

You can find many of an example out on Gunbroker.com ranging in price from Grade C at $500-600, Grade B from $600-$800 and up to Grade A As New In Box for $800-900. 

"HKI - Columbus GA"
(One of the ubiquitous P7 Police Re-Imports by HK USA International)


"HKI - Trussville AL"
(Another ubiquitous P7 Police Re-Imports by HK USA International)


Very nice Grade A Sample P7 from GunBroker

Very nice Grade A Sample P7 from GunBroker

Grade A in plastic box with new manual

Old style box, new manual