Q:  What is "hard chroming" and why would I do this?

A:  One of the sometimes stated, although not always true, shortcomings of the P7 is it's lack of a "tough" finish.  The bluing on P7s, if carried and shot frequently, does wear and the steel frame is susceptible to rust if not properly cared for.  So some have taken the route of refinishing the P7 in a more "robust" finish, usually hard chroming.

HK did offer the P7 M8, M10 and M13 in a Nickle Plated finish during the late 80s, but discontinued the finish about 1992.  There were some reports of the nickle plating peeling and not holding up.

Refinishing your P7 (Hard Chroming)

Several vendors offer P7 hard chroming services, and there are new finishes that work well on the P7 platform: